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Vince Fagnilli was born on June 6th, 2002 in Lakewood, Ohio where he would be raised by his loving mother (Sara) and Father (David). Vince attended Saint Ignatius Jesuit Preparatory High School in Cleveland, Ohio and would go on to attend The Ohio State University starting in August of 2020. At this time Vince also made the decision to enlist into the Ohio Army National Guard as an Infantryman. Vince would then spend the next few months taking online classes at Ohio State due to the COVID-19 Pandemic while staying at his home in Lakewood. It was at this time Vince began to listen to The Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast and start to read books such as Tax Free Wealth and Rich Dad Poor Dad. This sparked Vince’s passion for real estate accusation and his love of passive income. On January 4th, 2021 Vince departed home for his initial entry training at United States Army Base Fort Benning, Georgia. Vince spent 5 days in reception went through 10 weeks of Army Basic Combat Training and then transitioned into 12 weeks of The Army’s highly demanding Infantry School. On June 11th, 2021 Vince graduated after a total of 23 weeks in Fort Benning. While in Fort Benning Vince asked his Senior Drill Sergeant if he could have financial books since they were only allowed to have military books starting in week 9. He said he did not care the immediately Vince wrote a letter home to have his parents ship him his books. During this time he re-read Tax Free Wealth and Rich Dad Poor Dad and added a few more books to the his collection. His friends in the Army often referred to him as a future millionaire as he would spend time helping his fellow brothers in arms understand the importance of finances and passive income. This is where Vince realized he wanted to start his own real estate investment company to help others become financially free. In August of 2021 Vince returned to Ohio State but this time in person in Columbus. Quickly he was hit with the shock and awe of college and how much free time he had control of. Especially since he had none in The Army. He did as most do their first time away from home at college, go out and enjoy life and even a little studying. But in the back of his mind he still had his idea to start his own real estate investment company. After another forgettable night out Vince went back to his dorm a decided to start writing ideas for his business plan. This would turn into a long night filled with writing and a from the on out the Fortuna was born.

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