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Fortuna is a club with a mission to empower, educate + support Womxn in Web3, NFTs, and in the world more generally.'

Dismantling stereotypes

There is a popular misconception that because there are currently less Womxn in fintech, they are less interested. We know the opposite to be true. The collection borrows whimsical elements from the Disney princesses of our youth, but subverts the narrative with a far wider range of skin tones, blending professional dress and outfits from all over the world with your favourite catwalk looks.

Championing Female Art

Our team of femxle-identifying artists have drawn professionally for the likes of Disney and Nike, and had their work featured in international magazines such as Vogue and Cosmo. Their work deserves to be seen and shared more widely in this new space where only about one sixth of the art is made by Womxn.

Empowering Womxn

Now is the time to be part of the next revolution in the way the world works. We believe that will be Blockchain and Web3 and we want Womxn and our community to be at the forefront.

Supporting Womxn in Web3

Community-organized events will allow for the opportunity to share knowledge, hear from experts, and expand their network. We intend to make sure that Womxn have the resources they need to thrive in Web3.

Making a Difference

Fortuna is about Womxn making money, but it always comes back to sharing the wealth. Our first charity is Beleza Escondida (@blzaescondida) - aimed at combating femicide and protecting Womxn in Brazil, is a cause close to our founder’s home and heart. A portion of sales will go toward building a shelter for abused Womxn as the first of many humanitarian efforts that we hope will be funded by the DAO.
Beleza Escondida
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