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Fortuna was established in late 2021 as an NFT-based project with purpose.

We are community driven, socially conscious, and devoted to promoting diversity in the web3 space. In honoring that mission, Fortuna evolved into an ethical launchpad that helps digital artists migrate from web2 to web3.

We build opportunities for female-identifying creators by providing all of the marketing and technical support they need to succeed.

Working with the Fortuna team grants these artists peace of mind so they can really focus on what they do best, and being a Fortuna holder means you get primary access to that talent.

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The first phase of our mint was a testament to our ability to deliver on promises and produce results. Just a week after our initial launch, we handed a $50,000 cheque to our partner organization - Beleza Escondida, a charity for survivors of domestic abuse based in Brazil.
Not to mention we had some of the lowest gas fees on record and managed to allow for card payment.

We wanted to make the mint process as easy and streamlined as possible for new users.

We also secured our next project prior to mint - guaranteeing Fortuna holders a mint pass for the upcoming collection and compensating the artist at the onset.

Fortuna doesn’t wait to reach milestones on a roadmap - we make things happen regardless!

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Fênix by @illustramanda is the next chapter in the Fortuna story. Amanda Costa is a 24 year old artist from Brazil. She started her professional Instagram account in 2017 and has been gaining in popularity ever since. She has cultivated quite a following with over 100,000 fans on the platform. Her very first and most beloved character is named Karma and possesses the signature third eye. Earlier this year, Amanda was introduced to web3 in the most unexpected way when it was uncovered that her work was incorporated into a project that she was not affiliated with. Originally, the Fortuna team reached out to clarify the situation for Amanda who is not an English speaker. From there, a partnership was forged based on trust and fairness. Amanda designed 10 mint passes especially for Fortuna holders, and is presently working on her own full collection.

Fênix, the name selected for her project, is Portuguese for Phoenix as in the immortal bird derived from Greek mythology. The phoenix symbolizes rebirth and renewal as it rises from the ashes, and that is what this collection represents in Amanda’s journey. Fênix is her second chance at being a web3 sensation. Animal and spiritual motifs will be featured in the collection of 9,898 unique, hand drawn pieces of generative art. 98 is important to Amanda as the year she was born. Mint date forthcoming, estimated end of May. Follow on Twitter (@illustramanda) and join the discord for updates.



For its third iteration, Fortuna is delving into the world of jewelry. We are curious about real world applications for NFT art, and interested in exploring material benefits for our holders. Sayran is a Kurdish jewelry maker who has been crafting pieces inspired by her SWANA heritage since 2016. She also creates amazing graphics that include the same evil eye imagery.

Sayran x Fortuna is in the early stages of establishing an NFT project that ties to both physical prints and jewelry so you can decorate your wall and wallet or even adorn yourself!

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This is only the beginning

There is always more on the way with Fortuna!
Make sure to stay in touch for the latest.

An extension of Amanda or Sayran’s project might just find itself in the metaverse - perhaps a virtual gallery or NFT world jointly owned as an investment.

We will continue to donate to various real world causes.

Philanthropy and giving back is embedded in everything we do.

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